Because Himamaylan Water District is a public utility organization, full customer satisfaction and total quality management are our indices of success. As our contribution to the improvement of quality of life of the people of Himamaylan, we commit to provide the best tasting, potable water for all the daily requirement, at a cost every household can afford. Our best assets are our employees; We commit to give the good working environment and sufficient wages and benefits. Our greatest gift is the forest and water resources: We commit to vanguard the preservation of the forest, protect the environment, a posture to balance the harmony of nature at pace with development. All these for the Glory of God, the source of Everything. Providing the water needs of the Himamaylanons with integrity, honesty, trust and respect to all concessionaires at an affordable price with uncompromising attention to service is the driving principle of the Himamaylan Water District. Our primary focus is to satisfy our concessionaires’ needs. Our expertise and high quality of service enables us to develop water system in Himamaylan and in the process improve the lives of the concessionaires.   The Himamaylan Water District is a Government-Owned-and-Controlled Corporation mandated to acquire, improve, install, maintain and operate the water supply and distribution systems in the City of Himamaylan. As a public utility organization, the HWD aims to provide the Himamaylanons with their daily water needs.